People often come to tango because they want to learn how to dance, to meet new people and expand their life.

From absolute beginners to accomplished milongueros, the Oxygen Tango community provides a fun, nourishing, and challenging environment for teaching and learning.

Welcome Beginners!

Oxygen wants to help you take your first steps. Come meet new friends and see why our community of dancers is growing. Your first evening of Tango at Oxygen is only $8.

Oxygen's Mission

Oxygen Tango seeks to give beginning, intermediate, and advanced dancers abundant opportunities to learn, dance, explore, and connect. We are a thriving learning community with long-term members helping new members achieve their individual goals. Come dance with us!

The hallmarks of our community are friendliness, caring, and diversity. Argentine Tango has always brought together people from all walks of life - all ages, ethnicities, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, to discover a unique mood of oneness and deep awareness of what we all hold in common.


Photo By Andrei Andreev

Photo By Andrei Andreev

Teachers, Founders, and Leadership

Oxygen Tango was founded by Mitra Martin and Stefan Fabry. In addition to Mitra and Stefan, classes are taught by David Lampson, Katya Kosarenko, and Kris Shinn. All teachers are available for private lessons. Our school is facilitated by David Lampson, Magan Wiles, and many other members who volunteer time to Oxygen.


Our Location

Come visit us at 12958 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066 in the reDiscover Center.

Logo and Photography

Our logo was created by community member and fine artist Vladimir Sierra and photography on the website is from Glenn Campbell and Andrei Andreev