Photo By Andrei Andreev

Photo By Andrei Andreev

Mission and Founders

Oxygen Tango is founded on the mission to end what we see as the principal problem of our times - the illusion of being separate. The aim is to create a viable community model that has clear, enduring intent to benefit all beings. 

Oxygen's vision is a nourishing network of thriving learning communities that cultivate the true potential of every individual, living interdependently with all life. The aim of an Oxygen school is that each participant finds deep connectedness and learns how to create and sustain it. 

Mitra Martin and Stefan Fabry are the stewards of this vision. They have been working to end illusions of separation in their own lives together since 2003, and in their community, teaching, and dance work together since establishing Oxygen in 2009. 

The Facilitators 

Dedication to the art of teaching real connectedness is a unique, often unsung kind of heroism in our times.  

The blessing of facilitators who are truly committed to connectedness on a deep level cannot be overstated. It is their humble, patient, tolerant, open-minded work that is the guiding light of this school. Meet our facilitators: David Lampson, Mitra Martin, Stefan Fabry, Fabienne Bongard.

Excellence in participatory, improvisatory art forms requires strength, endurance, curiosity, independence, passion, and a wholeness of heart that has the power to fuel a whole community forward to fulfill its dreams. 

All our facilitators donate their group class facilitation and community building. You can support their work directly by scheduling a private lessons. 


The Staff 

The power in a community is knitted every day through how we are with one another. There is no shortcut to real connection.

Each day, each evening, our workstudy staff creates the connective tissue that holds our community organism together, through thousands of tiny in-person and online interactions that reinforce our essential interdependence. 

Sensitivity, spiritedness, reliability, a sense of fun, and a deep care of how participation in a Tango learning community can transform peoples' lives, are what powers this staff, all dedicated Tango dancers. 


The Community 

The hallmarks of our community are friendliness, caring, and diversity. Argentine Tango has always brought together people from all walks of life - all ages, ethnicities, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, to discover a unique mood of oneness and deep awareness of what we all hold in common. 

Active involvement of our community members in decisions that affect all of us has been a part of the cultural fabric of Oxygen since its very inception. We encourage members to share your voice and make this what you want it to be.


The Photography

All the photography featured on this site, with the exception of the tree portraits of Mitra and Stefan, is by Glenn Campbell. Glenn Campbell was introduced to Tango through Mitra and Stefan in 2007 and has been involved with Oxygen Tango ever since its inception a few years later. An active community developer himself, Glenn is a gifted photographer. 

The photographs on this site are all of actual dancers, the real teachers and students who form part of the ever-changing Oxygen Tango community. 


Our Logo

Our logo was created by community member and fine artist Vladimir Sierra over the course of a highly attuned half-year creative collaboration with Oxygen's founders. 

It is a single gesture of unity, elegance and play, suggesting the highly attuned and intimate improvisation of tango, and also a reaching-beyond the embrace.

You are invited to step into the field of O2 by doodling the O2 gesture in your own hand - in an adornment, with a piece of chalk, or the next time you are holding a sparkler. 


Our Location

Come visit us at 12958 W. Washington Blvd.