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    How Do I Sign Up For A Class?
    Scroll down for step-by-step instructions, and info for first-timers

    How Do I Sign Up For A Class?

    If you aren't sure what you want: Call us and we can help you out. 310-744-6072
    If you don't have a smartphone: Call us and we can sign you up. 310-744-6072
    If you have a smartphone and know what you want to take:
    1. Go to App Store and get MindbodyConnect
    2. Follow the instructions to set up your profile
    3. Search for Oxygen Tango and add us to your app
    4. Choose your class, payment option, and check out!

    What Do I Need For My First Tango Class ?

    Here’s what you need for your first class !


    You’ll be exerting yourself a bit, so be sure to stay hydrated !


    Breath mints

    A Tango dancer necessity! But don’t worry, we usually have some on hand in case you forget.


    Comfortable shoes for dancing

    Leather soles please ! For ladies, a low-heeled comfortable shoe with a closed toe. For guys, dress shoes/loafers, on the narrow side. You can also get by in sneakers like Converses or Toms shoes.


    Clothes to dance in 

    Wear whatever makes you feel wonderful and connected. Nice, casual. Choose clothes that give you freedom to move your legs, no pencil skirts.


    A rose, for your teeth

    Haha - just kidding! 


    What about a partner? Do I need a partner???

    You’ll meet friends and dance partners in class, so you are welcome to come solo, and you’re also free to bring a partner or a friend or two! Either way is perfect. 

    We hope to welcome you to our community soon.