Oxygen Instructor & Challenge Coach

Sharna Fabiano

"Different from creativity, generativity as defined by author Christina Baldwin is, in summary, doing the thing or making the contribution in the world that our heart inspires us to do or make." 

Sharna was amongst the trail-blazing generation of tango women who have been dancing both roles since the late 1990s. Over the past 18 years, her ability to enjoy a fulfilling and sustainable tango life as a female dancer was supported by learning to lead, keeping the body conditioned with complementary disciplines, and cultivating a strong sense of self.

Sharna holds an MFA in Dance from UCLA and is a certified yoga instructor. From her extensive knowledge of tango as a social dance and as an art form, to her understanding of alignment and posture, Sharna brings to this course the perfect blend of body, mind and spirit for women who are looking for balanced and holistic tango training.


What You Will Learn

Lead with Your Tango Sisters

Sharpen your tango skills by practicing leading in a supportive circle of like-minded women. Being in a group of women creates a distinct learning environment that is playful, creative and relaxed. As you develop your leading, your following improves too, especially in the areas of musicality, expressiveness, and balance.

Find Your Unique Way of Moving

Cultivate fluidity and focus for both roles with weekly yoga class designed specifically for tango dancers. Shape your own dance style by trying out different techniques and tuning awareness to your unique anatomy and personality. 

Strengthen Your Inner Game

Growing as a dancer also means developing a strong sense of center. Alongside tango, you’ll learn a variety of meditation and self-care rituals that nurture and sustain your true creative voice. Inspiring reading and writing assignments will help activate your own inner wisdom and culminate in a personal creative project.


Course Requirements

  • For female dancers who want to build a creative, connected life on and off the dance floor
  • Attend Wednesday yoga class 7:30-8:30pm every week OR Thursday technique class 8:15-9:15 every week
  • Attend weekly Women's Circle for the team Tuesdays from 8:30-10:30pm 
  • Practice once a week at a Practica
  • Complete weekly assignments which include writing activities
  • Complete a personal creative project to be presented in November

What You Will Need

  • A notebook
  • An Oxygen Membership
    • Annual Practice Membership - $49/month includes all Classes and Practicas, OR
    • Annual Basic Membership (Practicas) - $29/month and Flex Passes to cover classes
  • Required reading, around $15


I always come away with something that helps me be less "stuck" as a dancer and closer to where I want to go. [Sharna] has insight into both "how" and "what" to teach.

— CL

Sharna has become more than my teacher and mentor in my pursuit of the exquisite art of the Tango. She is my guide, illuminating, with wisdom, humor, and patience, the perils and joys of my journey.

— JM

“Sharna's instruction has been invaluable in teaching me to see and dance tango not as a series of fancy moves to impress and astound, but as an experience of connection between two people, of invitation and interpretation.”

— PS

Dancing both roles has made me a better dancer. When following, I listen more closely to the leader and am more engaged in the dance, quiet and present. As a leader, I am more connected to the music and to the follower, and I'm aware of moving from my center. If I'm having a night where I'm sitting a lot, I change my shoes and enjoy all the great followers in the room. The evening is enjoyable either way. Leading and following are just different expressions of myself as a dancer.

— Laurie Ann Greenberg