Oxygen Instructor & Challenge Coach

David Lampson

David is fascinated by the process of conscious growth in tango. Expanding improvisational possibilities through a deep study of tango structure is one of his most passionate interests in Tango. This passion led David has studied the structure of tango figures intensively for the past 5 years. He finds the deep understanding the language of tango transforming and stimulating for his own dancing and is excited to share it with dancers with very analytical minds. In this challenge you'll get a taste of what has helped him become such a popular, creative, knowledgeable dancer: how to work and think hard in Tango, how to ask tough questions, and keep at it until you have explored fully and gained real insight that helps your dancing and ability to connect. 

David has been dancing Tango for over a decade. He spent several years in Buenos Aires studying across a variety of styles, most consistently at the Dinzel studio in Villa Crespo. 


What You Will Learn

The Language of Tango

Are you ready to decrypt the DNA of Tango - the genetic code that gives rise to all the possibilities of 2 bodies and 4 legs? Prepare to exercise your analytical brain! In these 8 weeks, you will learn the lexicon and structure of tango figures which will enable you to remember new combinations better and invent original ideas as you dance or practice.

Technique That Opens Up Possibilities

As you begin to deconstruct and re-arrange this dance with your fellow teammates, you will also improve your technique so that unfamiliar sequences become possible and creativity can be unleashed. We'll explore dancing the 18 sacadas skillfully, and, time permitting, other modifications like barridas or ganchos. 

Break Free from Grooves, Ruts, Habitual Patterns

Unstuck yourself from memorized patterns and sequences. Once you understand the real elegance of the grammar underlying Tango, you'll experience a new way of dancing that challenges your habitual moves and is open to all the poetry this language of tango can compose.


Course Requirements

  • For intermediate dancers who can dance comfortably in their home roles
  • Be ready to get technical - both mentally and physically
  • Attend 2 1-hour team meetings per week
  • Participate in online message board
  • Practice at least twice each the week at practicas with team to internalize concepts
  • Take a final exam that tests your grasp of the deep structure of Tango

What You Will Need

  • A strong will to think hard and work hard is a must!
  • An affinity for mathematics is definitely a bonus
  • An active Oxygen Practice Membership