Oxygen Founder, Instructor & Challenge Coach

Mitra Martin

Mitra is super excited to offer a guided, social experience for fellow dancers who want to embody a new way of dancing. This desire to create an intimate circle for ear-opening discussions stems from memories of her own journey into tango music - it was inefficient, a bit lonely, but it was a game-changer for her dancing! Through this course, Mitra proposes a structured, light-hearted and social way to discovering tango music.

Mitra has 10 years of DJ experience at festivals and marathons across the US. She also brings to this course insights from designing and coaching The Tango Challenge - the first tango immersion program to include a systematic music learning component.


What You Will Learn

Refresh Your Perspective and Your Dancing

Sometimes after the beginner's high, our tango dancing can feel a little uninspired or even hit a plateau. In these 12 weeks, we will uncover the layers, secrets and stories within the rich music we dance to and find new dimensions as dancers. We will learn to hear intricacies that inform our expressions.

Refine and Articulate  

Experiencing music is personal and subtle, something we don't often get to verbalize or express with precision. Through weekly listening guides, open discussions and exercises designed specifically for refining the process of articulation and expression, we begin to hone the skills of telling stories of our personal musical appreciation to another. 

Have a Blast!

Tango is a social dance, there's no reason why learning tango music shouldn't be! We will dive into the exploration of this incredible legacy from Buenos Aires, with wine and book in hand, with laughter, with open minds and ears, and most important of all, with each other!  


Course Requirements

  • For dancers with more than one year of social dancing experience
  • Attend a one-hour discussion per week
  • Complete weekly listening assignments and music journal
  • Complete and present an individual project on music 
  • Participate in a music tasting: a musical field trip together 
  • Participate in final group project

What You Will Need

  • Open ears!
  • Willingness to open up to the passion of the music and let it guide us
  • An internet-enabled computer and an ability to listen to digital music 
  • Be prepared to buy 3-4 tracks of Tango music (about $7) per week
  • You will need Michael Lavocah's "Tango Stories, Musical Secrets," available on
  • Be ready for small field trip costing $12-$18
  • Oxygen Membership