Oxygen Founder, Instructor and Challenge Coach

Stefan Fabry

In a year, when you look back on how far you've come, what will stand out to you?

Stefan is excited to offer a learning experience that brings together the elements that he knows to have the most powerful, direct effect on Tango skill building. 

These essential ingredients are: frequent, regular kinaesthetic learning; thoughtful, productive inquiry guided by powerful frameworks; and the support of a network of committed relationships that allows trust, confidence, and relaxed exchange to take place; and micro-goals that stretch us. 

Stefan's early years in Tango were confusing and inefficient as he tried to make sense of a variety of different influences and was never really sure what to focus on or whether he was doing well. While he was learning he was longing to have access to one teacher's guidance to organize and integrate the many ideas and help him make sense of his Tango opinions and doubts. Over time he discovered for himself the power of slow and steady growth: allowing Tango principles to mature and ripen in the body and mind through regular practice and feedback. 

He is excited to offer growing, passionate dancers something he wished he could have found: a caring and knowledgeable coach and supportive structure helping them discover a meaningful growth path to support the emergence of their own unique Tango. And this is the reason why he has decided to make himself available every week for a year for these committed individuals. 


What You Will Learn

The Oxygen Tango Framework for Growth 

This course represents the official debut of The Oxygen Tango Framework for Growth, a set of 22 techniques emerging from extensive research, that provides a clear scaffolding for any learner committed to conscious growth in Tango. This material provides detailed descriptive criteria outlining skill levels in each of Tango's discrete techniques. With it, you know what you are aiming for and you will learn how to assess your progress, and your peer's/partner's growth in a meaningful way - for your whole Tango career.   


Your own interests!  

Because of the emphasis on individual, 1-on-1 coaching, there is room in this challenge for what you bring to the table. If you have a particular, personal interest - specific movement material, music or orchestras, culture/history/social dance questions, or even building towards a Tango career as a DJ, organizer or teacher, I will make space to address this and connect you with resources that can further your growth. 

How To Maximize Practicing and Partner Work 

With regular public demonstrations, you will develop skill in focusing your attention on the present moment even during the "high-stakes" moments when there is a strong temptation to be distracted and self-concerned. Preparing for your monthly in-class demos will inspire you to think more deeply about music, work more deliberately with your friends/teammates/partners, engage more deeply with feedback and make better use of video of your work.  

Course FAQs

Who is this course for?  

This course may be for you if...

  • You can make it to practica at least once a week
  • You find it helpful to have that little bit of extra support to keep you accountable to come out to Tango
  • Technique is important to you, and you are not sure how to improve technically
  • You've learned a lot of material but you're not sure how to integrate it so it feels good
  • You have passed the 200 level exam

What will I get out of it? 

  • Technique integration: Solidification and integration of techniques and movements, whether you are a brand-new 200 level dancer or more experienced, 1-on-1 coaching will take you to your next level
  • Positive habits: Set up gentle but regular habits that lead to long-term growth, learn how to create an effective practice menu
  • Tap your unique potential: Stronger self-belief in your potential as a Tango dancer, with a devoted coach who will work hard to find the right way to help you tap your unique potential
  • An unforgettable year with an extraordinary team! Confidence, new skills, new friends and partners

What if I don't know if I can do the whole year?   

Yes, a whole year - kind of crazy, isn't it!?! This is a brand new experiment. The idea of thinking on such a long-range horizon and participating in a long-term team experience is new and exciting! We are all entering into it in the spirit of improvisation and play. We will all support one another as "life happens" and there is flexibility built into the course for travel and unplanned conflicts. Please join in this spirit of stretching your comfort zone a bit along with all of us. 

Course Requirements

  • Kickoff Meeting Tuesday, January 26th, 8-9pm
  • Weekly: 15 Minute Mini Lesson at Sunday Practica, journal, assignment, practice with a partner at practica
  • Monthly: Team meeting (one Sunday per month 5-6pm); do a demo for a beginner class, help a beginner student for 15 minutes at a practica, attend a milonga.
  • Quarterly: Tea/coffee interview with coach to reflect on progress and process
  • No meetings, lessons, journals, or practices during Thanksgiving Week Nov 27-Dec 3 
  • Final and Graduation Ball on Saturday, December 17th, 2016. 

What You Will Need

  • Oxygen Membership - Suggested Donation $50/month supports all Classes at your level and Practicas
  • Course materials include Tango books and resources totaling $95-$110 (some books available from lending library if cost is prohibitive)
  • Monthly milonga budget, around $12-$15
  • Expect to spend 2 hours per week on assignments and reflections
  • Patience, persistence, and a relatively predictable life-schedule
  • NOTE: This class may be taken in combination with other Challenges