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The Oxygen Summer Milonga and Tango Challenge Graduation Ball with DJ Derek

Oxygen's quarterly graduation ball and big milonga at our good old home base! 

Time to celebrate achievements, new friends, and much growth and have some rocking tandas! Please join the community to give a warm embrace to Team T-O-T, the 22nd cohort, coached by Stefan Fabry and assisted by Scott G.G. Haller. Please come and support LA's newest Tango dancers: Frank Dong | Nancy Duckworth | Richa Bhatangar | Magan Wiles | Joe Sperandeo | Martha Ganser

7:45-8:30pm Intro to Chacarera ! led by Anna Leon. Chacarera is an age-old Argentinian folk dance that's suddenly sexy again and played often at milongas ! It's fun, easy, flirtatious, and traditional. Crashcourse with our knowledgeable and playful guest Anna ! Suggested donation $15.

8:30pm-12am Oxygen Milonga ! with DJ Derek Tang. Special performances and surprises by students and visiting guests ! Suggested donation: $10 for Tango Challenge alumni, guests of Challengers, teachers, organizers, out-of-towners |  $12 Oxygen members, full time students | $16 for tango dancers | Free for buddies and partners!

Handmade artisanal Tango Shoes will be available for sale and fitting !

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Milonga con Vino - an evening of Argentine tango music and guided wine tasting
to May 8

Milonga con Vino - an evening of Argentine tango music and guided wine tasting

Have you ever wondered what kind of wine would go well with a Di Sarli or a Pugliese song? Come find out by joining us for a evening of wine tasting that pairs awesome wines with great tango music!

Our dancer-sommelier Kay Kei-ho Pih has meticulously handpicked a delightful array of wines and paired them to an exquisite selection of tango music. An hour-long wine tasting program will consist of a guided tasting of six wines, a curation of how they musically interact, and, of course, dancing during and afterwards.

Music by DJs Shane and Autumn!
Program at 8:30 p.m. sharp.
Milonga from 9:30 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.
Fine cheeses, wine, and accompaniments provided.
$20 per person. Limited to 30 participants.
Balanced leaders and followers.
One-time only!

Only those who have pre-paid tickets will be admitted, so that we can plan in advance for the amount of wine for the wine-tasting. There will be no tickets sold at the door.

“In vino veritas!”

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Tango Fundamentals Bootcamp!
8:30pm 8:30pm

Tango Fundamentals Bootcamp!

A fun and eye-opening introduction to how connection works in Tango, and how to dance some of the important and iconic movement elements on the social dance floor, the cruzada and ochos, while having fun and staying connected. You’ll learn the difference between the “leading” role and the “following” role and what each is responsible for - expect some surprises! And, you’ll learn the special way we hold and embrace each other when dancing a Tango. Get ready to work hard, have fun, and make some new friends.

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9:15pm 9:15pm

Groundhog Day Practica with DJ Paul!

Special musicality practica: “Same song, different orchestra!”

Wake up every time to the same song...by a different orchestra! Listen and express yourself to different interpretations of hit Tango classics like Recuerdo, Gallo Ciego, Hotel Victoria, La Viruta, Don Juan. Challenge your listening skills and musical sensitivity! You’ll notice how different orchestra’s versions from different eras may inspire you to dance in different ways. By attending this practica, Tango winter will officially end 6 weeks earlier.

Suggested Donation: $10. Free for members. 

Paul Mejasich has been dancing Argentine Tango since 2010. He is enjoys traditional Tango music and has been spinning tandas for the LA community since mid 2015.

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