Fabienne Bongard

Before discovering the Tango, Fabienne Bongard trained extensively in ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom and the Martha Graham dance technique. In her travels to Buenos Aires, Fabienne studied with Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas, Mingo Pugliese, Juan Bruno as well as three kings of the Milonga: Pepito, Petaca and Manolo. She taught for eleven years at Dance Manhattan in NYC, specializing in Milonga and Vals.

With TangoMujer, the ground-breaking international company that she co-founded in 1996, as well as throughout her teaching career, Fabienne has emphasized exploring both sides of the dance: leading and following for all, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of the dance as well as a richer empathy with each partner. fabienne@oxygentango.com



David Lampson

David Lampson has been dancing Tango for over a decade. He spent several years in Buenos Aires studying across a variety of styles, most consistently at the Dinzel studio in Villa Crespo. Primarily focused on social dancing, he enjoys both open and closed embraces, as well as the fluidity between them. A technique junkie, he loves to practice and is fascinated by the process of conscious growth in tango. His most passionate interests include musical phrasing, purity in the connection, and expanding improvisational possibilities through a deep study of tango structure. David has been active in the Oxygen community long enough to fondly remember The Global Tango Mar Vista Center for Tango Arts and Extremes. david@oxygentango.com

Stefan Fabry

As a contemporary dancer and choreographer Stefan Fabry has made many artistic contributions to dance in Los Angeles and beyond since his arrival here after a three year full-time training in modern dance at Tanz Projecte Koln. As the apprentice of world-famous choreographer Rudy Perez for twelve years, he performed at prestigious venues all over LA. During this time Stefan also created his own body of choreographic work, working closely with collaborators Shel Wagner-Rasch, Stephanie Nugent, and Tom Peters. 

In 2003 Stefan discovered Argentine Tango. Between 2003 and 2014 Stefan taught Tango with Mitra Martin locally in LA and nationally at events such as the Houston Tango Festival, the San Diego Tango Festival, the Salt Lake Tango Festival, Stone Soup, the Baltimore Tango Solstice and Kansas City’s Spring Fling. The two developed performance work bringing together elements of contact improvisation, modern dance, performance art and Argentine Tango presented at Tango de los Muertos, Portland Tango Festival, and the Heartland Tango Festival. stefan@oxygentango.com

Mitra Martin

Mitra is an experienced teacher and community developer using the medium of improvised partnered dance as a portal to personal and social transformation. Mitra came to Tango in 1998 with no prior dance training. She has learned primarily through social dancing and self-directed explorations fueled by many inspiring people. Her first teacher was Eric Finke in New York who encouraged perseverance despite challenge. Her longstanding partnerships with Stefan Fabry and David Lampson have had the largest impact on her dancing and understanding of Tango and connection. 

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2003, Mitra has taught Tango extensively (2000+ classes) to build the local community in LA. Mitra is the Director of Oxygen Tango, established in 2009 with Stefan Fabry. She spearheaded the creation of the Tango Challenge program. Mitra is grateful to all the explorers and improvisers who have made such a richness of holistic and gentle approaches to teaching and learning connection available to us today. She dedicates her path in Tango to the spirit and seeks to be fully available for its dance. mitra@oxygentango.com



Kris Shinn

Kris Shinn has always been infatuated with music, movement, and improvisation. As a life long violinist he had exposure to Tango music early on listening to composers such as Piazzolla. He studied Capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian martial art that joins music, dance, and combat) and other martial arts for 10 year prior to starting tango. Kris started his journey into learning Tango with the Tango Challenge in the winter of 2011. Recognizing similar conversational concepts between martial arts and Tango, he was immediately drawn in. Always looking for ways to contribute back to the community and help others learn, he has been involved in helping organize events and helping others learn. Kris enjoys helping others learn connect to the music, to their own body, and to each other through the music and movement of Tango.


Katya Kosarenko

Meet Katya. During the day you’ll find her engaging either in her work as a psychotherapist or sharpening her professional skills through study.  In the evening, you’ll find her either at a tango studio sharpening her tango skills or at a Buddhist activity discussing how to create value in life or spending time with her friends. For some time Katya’s relationship with tango was on and off, until in spring of 2011 she took Tango Challenge. Since then it has been a rewarding, challenging yet very committed relationship. Much of this relationship has been driven by desire for self-discovery, connection, expression and joy. In her work as a therapist as well as in tango she believes that the body speaks its truth in various ways, and, therefore, trusting and listening to it as an integral part of a fulfilling life. Her teaching is influenced by desire to help people value themselves as they are, explore and experiment with what feels good in their own bodies, and create special moments of connection, while having fun every step of the way.