Co-create: be part of a living, participatory community experience by proposing an activity

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - R. Buckminster Fuller

I want to see THIS happen @O2!

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What kinds of events? 

Bold, courageous, outrageous, deep, connecting, fun, silly, profound, artistic. Is there an image of something that keeps coming to you, or something that you yearn to share? 

Really, what kinds of events? 

We want to support the dreams and aspirations and creativity of our members. This could take the shape of discussion circles, contemplative events, games nights, parties and hikes, Tango workshops, classes/practicas/milongas, open mic nights and talent shows, networking events, dance- and music-making, improvisation classes and activities of all different kinds. 

Why should I create an event? 

Fun, learning, happiness, sharing, exploration, growth, co-creation. All events will support our scholarship program and foster a more connected world.  

Why should I nominate someone? 

Because they might be too shy to nominate themselves, or, they might need that extra little boost of encouragement from someone who sees all they have to offer! 

Anything else? 

  • Bring your A game ! If you're doing an event, stay on the ball and be responsible, with good communication and timeliness, set a high bar for excellence. 
  • We'll put a lot of love into promoting the event across the O2 network, and work with you to help realize your vision in the most beautiful way possible !

  • We'll help you find out how people felt about your event and share ideas about doing something similar in the future.

  • The world needs your voice. Share it ! 

Past O2 community-created special events

O2 Games & Wine Night created by Magan Wiles and Isaac Hagerling
Tango and Wine Tasting produced by Kay Pih, Laura Simko, Michael Grandcolas, Mike Koh, and Lisa Hylton
Oxygen Hiking Adventures created by Gary Ashwal and Anna Shen
The Love Dome Micro-Milonga produced and hosted by Gary Love
Tango Lexicon Bootcamp with David Lampson and Mitra Martin

The Lantern Practica by David Lampson
Non-Violent Communication Course by Andrei Andreev

The Monthly Oxygen Milonga produced by Amy Zhou, Kris Shinn and Lauren Kendrick

The Tango Slumber Party produced by Mitra Martin and Amy Zhou
Tango and Beer Tasting with Joshua Beeler and Bushido Brewery

Milonga Mon Amour produced by Christine Oustry

Oxygen Outdoors on Third Street Promenade produced by Vincent Wong

The Oxygen Tango Marathon produced by Mitra Martin, Stefan Fabry, Claudette Waddle, Varo Boyajyan

The Monthly Oxygen Milonga produced by Mitra Martin, Stefan Fabry, Dan Rizotto, Jennifer Bae