Private lessons can help you reach your goals!

  • Build skills and confidence to dive further into the local or national Tango scene
  • Get more out of classes and workshops, practicas and milongas, festivals and marathons
  • Prepare in a focused way for a big goal (like a trip to Argentina... or a wedding!)
  • Just spend quality time learning and growing, with or without a partner

Benefits of private lessons

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Focus on your specific needs and interests
  • Get the vivid, kinaesthetic sense of how elements can feel from the inside
  • Get coaching on how you can cross train or make better use of your time between lessons
  • Learn at a time/place that's convenient for you and fits your schedule
  • On your own, or with a partner

Once we understand your goals, background and preferences, we can connect you with a great teacher and program that fits your needs.  


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