FAQs about Mini Lessons

What is a Mini Lesson? 

A Mini Lesson is a 15-minute 1-on-1 lesson with a professional Tango teacher that takes place at a Tango practice session, a "Practica." Mini Lessons are for dancers of all levels, from total beginner to advanced.  

Why do you offer Mini Lessons? 

For years we have offered Mini Lessons as part of our Tango Challenge program, and seen firsthand how much our students value them, and how they help students become good, confident dancers.

What are the benefits of Mini Lessons? 

Mini Lessons have many benefits: 

  • Just enough feedback focused on your specific needs...not an overwhelming amount that you can't digest!
  • Get access to guidance on subtle, individual things like how your embrace feels without the time commitment and high cost of a full hour lesson 
  • Learn kinaesthetically by feeling how elements work with very skilled and sensitive dancers
  • Clear, encouraging instruction from a skilled professional who can help you prioritize focus areas
  • Get ideas on what to focus on so you can make good use of your practice time for days
  • Integrate, deepen, and "own," material you learn in group classes - or get a new twist or subtlety
  • An easy, convenient, and affordable way to extend your learning without going out of your way

Unless they can afford full hour privates, most people only get access to this for a couple moments in a group class - or if they happen to dance a tanda with a teacher. 

Who is my Mini Lesson with? 

Your Mini Lesson is with any of Oxygen's faculty members who is available that night. 

Where does my Mini Lesson take place? 

Your Mini Lesson takes place at an Oxygen practica. 

Isn't it too hard to work at a busy Practica? 

In fact, it's really valuable to practice learning in this setting! It is great for students to get used to lots of movement and activity happening all around you (like at a Practica) while you are trying to dance and connect. That’s how things are in the Tango world!