Co-create: be part of a living, participatory community experience by offering an activity

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - R. Buckminster Fuller

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We create space for activities that foster connectedness through improvisation and awareness.
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Keep in mind: O2 event rules and guidelines

What kinds of events? 

O2 events foster connectedness to self, partner, community, and spirit. We primarily create space for tango events but are open to other activities that create awareness of interconnectedness through improvisation and dialogue. You can see examples of past community-created events below. 

Who can do an event?

Any member may propose an event. You must be a member to offer an event. Two or more people can do an event together, but one person must be the main contact for O2. If you cancel your event at the last minute you may not be allowed to do another event.

What are the benefits of doing an event? 

Learning! You'll learn about yourself, your community, and how to transform your vision into reality. You'll also benefit from the community being able to better understand you, your values and priorities, and how you wish to contribute, leading to new opportunities and collaborations. 

Depending on your experience level, you may be qualified to offer mini-lessons to members of the O2 community, and/or receive a financial benefits from offering your event. All events will support our scholarship program and foster a more connected world.  

How will my event be promoted?

If you event is accepted, you'll need to work in a timely way to confirm with us the event details, description, title and imagery. Then, 

  • O2 will promote your event by posting it in the official O2 event calendar on the website, highlighting it in the monthly newsletter, and publishing a social media post. 

  • You'll promote your event using our O2 community-building best practices which we'll share with you, to encourage the right people to come

What will be the price of my event? 

We are basing this on our experiences with our community. We advise a starting point for pricing events to maximize community engagement is as follows: 

  • $20-$25/instructional hour (classes or workshops)
  • $10/practice session (2-3 hours)
  • $15-$25 for a special or one-time social event

Unless you are a professional teacher with 10+ years experience in your domain, all proceeds of your event will go toward our scholarship program. 

What happens on the day of the event? 

You must arrive 10 minutes early. You are responsible for setup, checkin, cleanup according to O2 protocols. Remember, no food or drinks in the studio except water.

How can we all benefit from learnings coming out of this event? 

O2 is a feedback-driven environment and we believe in continual growth and iteration. After your event, 

  • We'll solicit feedback from event participants quarterly and share with you any learnings related to your event
  • We'd like an email note from you about how your event went, what you got out of it, your feedback to O2

Past O2 community-created special events

O2 Games & Wine Night created by Magan Wiles and Isaac Hagerling
Tango and Wine Tasting produced by Kay Pih, Laura Simko, Michael Grandcolas, Mike Koh, and Lisa Hylton
Oxygen Hiking Adventures created by Gary Ashwal and Anna Shen
The Love Dome Micro-Milonga produced and hosted by Gary Love
Tango Lexicon Bootcamp with David Lampson and Mitra Martin

The Lantern Practica by David Lampson
Non-Violent Communication Course by Andrei Andreev

The Monthly Oxygen Milonga produced by Amy Zhou, Kris Shinn and Lauren Kendrick

The Tango Slumber Party produced by Mitra Martin and Amy Zhou
Tango and Beer Tasting with Joshua Beeler and Bushido Brewery

Milonga Mon Amour produced by Christine Oustry

Oxygen Outdoors on Third Street Promenade produced by Vincent Wong

The Oxygen Tango Marathon produced by Mitra Martin, Stefan Fabry, Claudette Waddle, Varo Boyajyan

The Monthly Oxygen Milonga produced by Mitra Martin, Stefan Fabry, Dan Rizotto, Jennifer Bae