Stefan Fabry

I have been studying the concept of liberation for several decades, failed at it many times and, in the process gotten a sure understanding of what matters: to me it is seeking internal silence. For years my inner dialogue was driving me crazy. Are you aware how you have to talk to yourself about anything and everything you encounter, look at, touch, feel, think about or otherwise experience? That is internal dialogue. Internal dialogue creates an illusion that we are separate from each other and from everything in the world. Living in this illusion of separation leads to thoughts, feelings, words and actions in the physical world which are ultimately destructive. 

I believe that learning inner stillness is an antidote to suffering which is caused by our belief in separation and the endless flow of desire that springs from it.   My experience is that internal silence is best learned with a threefold approach: (1) Meditation practice - to tame the mind; (2) Interpersonal communication practice - to free the heart; (3) Physical practice through the powerful potential of tango - to liberate the body. With a trained mind, a free aware body, and a warm open heart, that which wants to come through us can flow, unencumbered by judgmental thinking. And the result is work that is inspired by that which is outside of the confinement of limiting thinking.  


What You Will Learn

Free your heart: Compassionate communication practice

Find out, practice and embody what it means to communicate based on true feelings and true needs. You'll be better equipped to face situations where you felt challenged in the past.

We'll use the format of self-paced and self-directed workgroups and individual study assignments 

We'll work with a book by Marshall Rosenberg - each month we'll study and practice inspired by one chapter from that book.

Liberate your body: Creativity and freedom through Tango's discipline

Tango is a force for good that seeks bodies to manifest itself through. You will practice what it means to become available for such a force to come through you. A fine power like this one needs to be beckoned and lured to pay attention to you. Through your liberation practices in the other two disciplines, and your regular tango practice you will make yourself an open channel for tango to manifest itself. You'll know when it happens. To cement that new skill we'll create a performance at the end where you'll need to apply all you learned over the year, and show it on a local stage. 

Tame your mind: Daily contemplative practice  

Here you learn to anchor your mind in stillness:  

  • You'll learn the power of persistence
  • You'll learn to find and create space between you and your experiences of life
  • You'll have a buddy and a support group to keep you in discipline

You'll study on your own and with your group and integrate what you learn into your practice.

I am looking for 12 people who are hungry to break free from the confinement of their mind with me for 12 months and create a piece of art together that we will be proud of.


  • First meeting is Sunday, November 15th, 2015 or once we have a group
  • Weekly: Sessions 3-5pm Sunday, 15-minute one-on-one. No meetings on the Sundays after Thanksgiving (November 29th), Christmas (December 27th), and New Years (January 3rd). I expect that you may have conflicts with some rehearsals. Please miss no more than 6 rehearsals over the course of the project. We will record each rehearsal so you can catch up on what is missed.
  • Final performance - Weekend of November 11-13th 2016


  • Practice time - expect to spend 1-2 hours per week practicing/developing work
  • Weekly Technique class Thursday 8:15-9:15pm requested 
  • Two books relating to the creative process, $22-$30
  • Allocate up to $150 over the year for additional creative materials, costumes, props, etc. for the show 
  • An Oxygen membership
  • A strong decision and commitment to the project 

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