Game's on! Started 9/22/16

How many stars can our community create?

(We are all stars but sometimes we hide our light.)


So many people have taken the plunge into Tango, and through the hard work and structure of our unique challenge programs they have become stars - stars in the eyes of their fellow students, practice partners, buddy-ees, dance partners and friends.

We think there are many hidden stars in the community and we want to give them all a chance to shine their light and create fireworks together!  

Here is what we are going to do. We are going to collect stars. You get a star when...

  • You sign up for a 2016-2017 Challenge - 10 stars! 
  • Plus you get 3 EXTRA stars for each single day before the deadline you signed up! (Signup in September = between 90-120 more stars!!) 
  • 10 bonus stars if someone credits YOU as a reason why they are doing their Challenge. 

So, on October 31st, we will see if we have reached Oxygen’s goal of 56 Challengers for the 2016-2017 programs. If we have, we will have a festive drawing and one person will receive a special little gift symbolizing all our community’s inner light and Tango stardom potential. 

Would you enjoy having $250 of Tango Pocket Money this fall? You could spend it on…

a pair of tango shoes by anna leon
southwest airline tickets to a spring tango festival
poema tango clothing by hannah louise poston
or another tango gift of your choice... 

Get ready for a sweet shopping spree that you can feel great about because you did your part to let your and everyone’s light shine. Please join a challenge now, or share your story, inspire a friend to join you, or help someone decide if it’s a great fit for them. Looking forward to a beautiful new term.


How many challengers have signed up for 2016-2017 challenges already? 

0 56