Mitra Martin

Mitra is thrilled to apply all she has discovered about the neurobiology of learning, deliberate practice, positive habit creation, and Tango to help the dancers in this course transform over the course of a full year of coaching. 

Mitra has personally battled self-doubt to discover the power of persistence and the right kind of practice. Although she never studied dance until after graduating from college, she became a professional dancer through a hard work, persistence, and approaching growth thoughtfully. 

This is a invitation to breathe, relax, let go of the drama around learning, and trust. Mitra passionately believes that slow and steady reaps great rewards in Tango and has decided to make herself available every week for a year to these students who are willing to commit to this course.

Stefan Fabry

Stefan is excited to offer a learning experience that brings together the elements that he knows to have the most powerful, direct effect on Tango skill building. These essential ingredients are: frequent, regular kinaesthetic learning; thoughtful, productive inquiry guided by powerful frameworks; and the support of a network of committed relationships that allows trust, confidence, and relaxed exchange to take place; and micro-goals that stretch us. 

Stefan's early years in Tango were confusing and inefficient as he tried to make sense of a variety of different influences and was never really sure what to focus on or whether he was doing well. While he was learning he was longing to have access to one teacher's guidance to organize and integrate the many ideas and help him make sense of his Tango opinions and doubts. Over time he discovered for himself the power of slow and steady growth: allowing Tango principles to mature and ripen in the body and mind through regular practice and feedback. 

He is excited to offer growing, passionate dancers something he wished he could have found: a caring and knowledgeable coach and supportive structure helping them discover a meaningful growth path to support the emergence of their own unique Tango. And this is the reason why he has decided to make himself available every week for these committed individuals. 


The Steady Challenge Capstone Project Opportunity

Through Steady Challenge process, you'll have the opportunity to connect with a project designed to help you remove obstacles to your growth as a tango dancer. You'll choose a capstone projects of interest to you and work toward it. We'll help you connect with like-minded and equally committed partners as needed. If you want to do your demo with a particular partner, you'll progress most effectively if you're both in a Steady Challenge. Our catalog of demo opportunities include:   

  • "The SFTX" - Constraint performances to develop awareness and understanding of technique
  • "The Mundial" - Video reconstructions to expand your musicality and technique 
  • "The Walking Challenge" - Walking challenges to refine your technique
  • "The El Corte" - Role-changing challenges to develop your understanding of both roles and musical phrasing
  • "The Musicalizador" - DJ challenges to learn tango history, culture, and orchestras 
  • "The Tranzkraft" - Organizing challenges to create your own unique events that express your vision for tango
  • "The Negracha" - Performance skills and choreography challenges to open new movement and artistic possibilities of partnering and beyond
  • "The Silence Challenge" - An opportunity to broaden your tango and explore the intersection between contemplative practice and tango
  • Create your own! Your coaches will work with you to create a focused challenge to achieve your aims in tango and connectedness 

In your capstone projects, you will develop skill in focusing your attention on the present moment even during the "high-stakes" moments when there is a strong temptation to be distracted and self-concerned. Preparing for an in-class demo will inspire you to think more deeply about music, work more deliberately with your partners, engage more deeply with feedback and make better use of video of your work.  


Course FAQs

Who is this course for?  

This opportunity may be for you if...

  • You can make it to practica at least once a week
  • You find it helpful to have that little bit of extra support to keep you accountable to come out to Tango
  • Technique is important to you, and you are not sure how to improve technically
  • You've learned a lot of material but you're not sure how to integrate it so it feels good

What will I get out of it? 

  • Technique integration: Solidification and integration of techniques and movements, whether you are a brand-new 200 level dancer or more experienced, 1-on-1 coaching will take you to your next level
  • Positive habits: Set up gentle but regular habits that lead to long-term growth, learn how to create an effective practice menu
  • Tap your unique potential: Stronger self-belief in your potential as a Tango dancer, with a devoted coach who will work hard to find the right way to help you tap your unique potential
  • Reach your personal goals! Your goals may be technical improvement, learning the other role, making the most out of festivals, becoming a teacher or organizer, becoming a DJ, developing musicality, expanding your vocabulary, or something else! Whatever they are, being specific about them and working towards them with a coach will bring you close to the Tango you imagine.  

What if I have a conflict?   

The idea of thinking on long-range horizons is new and exciting! You are invited to enter into it in the spirit of improvisation and play. You will be supported as "life happens" and there is flexibility built into the course for travel and unplanned conflicts. Please join in this spirit of stretching your comfort zone a bit along with all of us. 

Course Requirements

  • Kickoff Lesson and Goals/Process Discussion
  • Weekly: Your Weekly Lesson. 15-min lessons take place at Practica, 30- and 60-min lessons take place at a private studio. Optional email-based coaching support / journal. 
  • Monthly: Invitation to a social with others in the O2 Challenge programs
  • Quarterly: Demo Project, 1-on-1 Coffee Checkin
  • No meetings, lessons or practices on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years

What You Will Need

  • An active Oxygen Practice Membership is required
  • You may be requested to acquire books, music or other materials related to your personal goals
  • You may be requested to attend local milongas or other Tango events that  relate to your personal goals