The Tango Challege

is a 12-week course

designed to develop

 absolute beginners

into social tango dancers.



Challenges are held 2-3 times a year; the next one begins Fall 2017.

Beginner Level Challenges


Over 130 happy student since 2011.

Tuition includes everything you need to become

a bona fide tango dancer:

Access to more than 40 hours of tango instruction & dancing every month

Structured curriculum with clear goals and milestones

Individualized guidance via private lessons

Purposeful integration with a community of experienced dancers.

Tango Challenge FAQs

How much time does it take?

It takes 5-8 hours per week, including independent work. 

Do I need a partner?

You will meet many partners in your team and at the school. You do not need a partner to sign up.

Who teaches the Tango Challenge?

Tango Challenges are taught by recommended facilitators.

Who will be my partner?

One of the things you’ll be learning is how to invite someone to be your Tango partner. We’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Can I sign up with a friend?

Yes, sure! Please note, though, that part of learning Tango is becoming integrated with the larger community. Both of you should be ready to switch partners and roles in most classes and practicas, because this accelerates your learning. And, you will each invite someone different, from outside the team, to partner you for your final recital.

What if I have to miss part of it?

You must make up what you miss. Please call the Program Director to find out if your conflict is one we can work around. 310-854-2466.

Which classes can I take?

You can take any class or practica at Oxygen Tango with your membership.

When can I start dancing at milongas?

As soon as you feel like it! The Challenge has some built-in milonga excursions.  

Can I talk to someone who’s done it?

Of course! Once again, please contact us 310-737-8438.

How should I prepare?

Get some real Tango shoes you’re in love with. They should be beautiful and comfortable. Either leather or suede soles are fine. Everyone's feet have different needs, so be sure to get the support and consider arch support. Firm, low-heeled (2-inches or less), closed-toed or peep-toed shoes for ladies are ideal. Here is some useful information about buying Tango shoes.


"The Oxygen Tango Challenge is the best program to learn Tango for beginners and intermediates. I learned essential fundamentals of tango, made new friends, performed an unforgettable performance at the challenge graduation in 3 months. I highly recommend to experience this wonderful program." 

- Dong Sung, HIV researcher

"Oxygen is also THE place in LA to learn Tango. Primarily because of its strong sense of community. The Tango Challenge at O2 will definitely be one of the best investments you make in a long time. It is holistic, immersive, structured and at the end of it all, you would have also built a strong sense of community."

- Bharath, Computer Scientist

“The Tango Challenge helped bring to me a social confidence and recognition of the connections we share with each other. The Challenge also forged great friendships with my challenge-mates as well as the community in general. ”

— Kris, Software Engineer

“I made life-long friends with whom I shared the challenges and rewards of learning tango. The challenge helped me to focus better on the connection, get over my fears and anxieties and boosted my confidence because I could see that I was really making progress.”

— Sergio, Film Editor

“The Tango Challenge is one of the best things I’ve ever been given the opportunity to do. I’ve thought that from the first meeting to the last, and I still think so a few days after the challenge has ended. I am so grateful to you for creating this program and conducting it with such love, wit, skill, dedication, and grace.”

— Vin, Professor

“The Tango challenge was life-changing for me. Learning Tango parallels living life in so many ways. I experienced deep personal growth, overcame fears, excelled at a skill rapidly because of a deep commitment to it, and made a new family of friends.”

— Annette, Administrative Assistant