The Tango Challenge

An intensive 12 week initiation into social tango dancing

$150 monthly tuition includes everything you need to become a bona fide tango dancer:

  • An Oxygen monthly pass ($100 value) with over 60 hours of tango instruction & dancing every month.
  • A special weekly course on tango survival skills with Oxygen founder Mitra Martin.
  • A weekly practice buddy, with a few years of dancing experience, to help you get started dancing socially.
  • A monthly private lesson with an Oxygen teacher.
  • A graduation performance (optional).


I absolutely needed the cumulative structure, the immersion, the camaraderie, the commitment, the focused, ongoing attention from a patient and sensitive teacher. 
-Sarah (Tango Challenge graduate)

The Tango Challenge gave me a sound tango foundation in the mechanics of tango movement, mind/body awareness, and, most importantly, set me on a path of continual learning of this dance."
-Shane (Tango Challenge graduate)

What you pay

$85 registration fee to reserve your spot

$150/month starting first day of challenge

(Challenge Tuition includes a full $100 Oxygen Membership)

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Not sure if the challenge is right for you?  Contact us at (310) 737-8438 or and we'll help you find the best way into tango for you.


What else do I need to know?

Course Requirements

4-7 total hours a week, including independent work.

  • Attend your weekly Challenge group meeting on Sundays at 6pm
  • Attend 2 classes and 2 practicas at Oxygen each week
  • Complete your independent projects on own time

What You'll Need

  • A pair of appropriate shoes for Tango dancing that you get before the course begins
  • An internet-enabled computer and an ability to listen to digital music
  • Tickets for milonga field trip outings with team & books we recommend, around $35
  • Passion, discipline, curiosity, openness, and enthusiasm!