Tango Learning Lab

Bring what you know, learn what you want

All Levels Welcome, from Absolute Beginner to Advanced/Teacher

  • In a learning lab, you're always at YOUR personal learning edge
  • Decide in advance what you want to learn - then learn it!
  • Meet and work with peers in highly productive, focused ways
  • Discover how much you know by helping others learn it
  • Teaching deepens your mastery and uncovers all the weak spots
  • An intimate, efficient, joyful group work session
  • Immerse yourself in this new format built for how people actually learn

Drop-in $20

FREE for members, FREE  if you bring a mission to share/show/teach, FREE for guests of members on their 1st day! 

How Learning Labs work

Before the lab 

  • After you sign up, the host will check in with you to find out two things you want to learn or show/share/teach: your missions
  • The host will review everyone's wishes and post a menu of missions that reflects everyone's interests

During the lab

  • When you arrive at the lab you'll share what you want to learn/practice and get paired with someone who can help you
  • When you're at a stopping point, switch to your next partner and mission
  • At the end join an inspiration round to share learnings and see a demo

After the lab

  • Reflect on what you want to learn next and plan your next lab. You can always repeat a mission. 
  • Look for those you've met in learning labs when you're out at tango events!
  • Sign up for your next lab. Bonus points: bring a friend so you can practice teaching them! 

Learning Missions curriculum

What is a "learning mission"? 

What can I wish to learn? 

A learning mission in the building block of a Learning Lab. A mission consists of a fifteen minute mini-lesson. It has a clear pedagogic goal, like ocho cortado embellishments. It provides clear progressions on how to learn it, typically one exercise per song (three or so total). All of this comes on a nice little cheat sheet that you can read ahead of class.

You can pretty much wish anything to learn. We’ll make it happen for you. If you are looking for some inspiration, it could be a particular Tango move like enrosques. It could be a certain quality of dancing, like developing more creativity through constraints. You can also always have the teacher give you a suggestion. Of course, if what you want to learn is way more advanced than your current ability, the teacher can propose you a plan on how to work up to it.

Download PDF of Mission Ideas!

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Learning Lab FAQs

I'm a total beginner. Is this right for me? 

Learning Labs are perfect for you. We have a curriculum, where you can track your progress. You won't have to teach until you know enough. We start beginners off with learning four basic missions. You'll learn fast, and meet helpful, experienced community members. 

Do I need a partner?

Come as you are. We have a plan in advance for who you'll work with and it will be very smooth and comfortable.  If you bring someone, know you will probably not work with them. 

I am very advanced. Would someone be able to teach me?

We realize that there are special cases. A brand new beginner can't teach. The most advanced student may not have any student to learn from. So, the teacher is going to work with you on a learning mission or two. By bringing the blessings of your advanced experience to other students, you'll get extra attention from the teacher.

I'm not sure I could teach someone Tango. Is the learning lab still for me?

You don't have to be a teacher to teach someone a Tango learning mission. You simply need to know one or two things. Do you know how to simply walk to the cross? Do you know how lead and follow a weight change? Those are already two things beginners need to learn on their Tango journey.



"Like being kissed by three thousand butterflies. I never got bored. And it made me realize I know more about tango than I thought - learning it can be such a long slog, and teaching beginners reminds me of the progress I've made."
“It's a whirlwind, somewhat of a bootcamp. Come prepared to learn a lot and be comfortable to have your comfort zone be stretched.”
“Super: the format, the thrill and concentration in the space, everybody doing different things.”
“I actually found that to be one of the nicest aspects, the "surprise" of seeing what next and with whom.”
“Realized I am more ready to teach the basics then I thought; beautiful connection”
“It felt good to pass on knowledge that helped me get through those tough12 months plus"