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The Famous Tango Learning Lab

A unique experimental teaching format

One-on-one instruction, peer-to-peer learning, move at your own pace

  • Each lab you'll work with two different teachers in a focused 1 to 1 setting.

  • Each lab also has a teaching component to sharpen your knowledge, deepen your mastery, and expose your weak points.

  • The movement-based curriculum provides a concrete map of important tango figures and techniques in a sensible, progressive order.

  • Perfect for a total beginner to work through the essential tango movements at their own pace.

  • For advanced dancers, the lab offers challenging material, and extremely challenging material.

Every Saturday in Inglewood

Drop-in $20, includes milonga

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“Super: the format, the thrill and concentration in the space, everybody doing different things.”“It's a whirlwind, somewhat of a bootcamp. Come prepared to learn a lot and be comfortable to have your comfort zone be stretched.”

"Like being kissed by three thousand butterflies. I never got bored. And it made me realize I know more about tango than I thought - learning it can be such a long slog, and teaching beginners reminds me of the progress I've made."

“I actually found that to be one of the nicest aspects, the "surprise" of seeing what next and with whom.”

“Realized I am more ready to teach the basics then I thought; beautiful connection”

“It felt good to pass on knowledge that helped me get through those tough12 months plus"