Magan Wiles

Magan came to Oxygen as a new tango dancer in October 2015 and fell in love with tango & the O2 community.   As the owner of Hustle Creative, a boutique business management firm offering virtual CFO support for creative entrepreneurs, she volunteered to create a distilled back-end infrastructure to empower O2 staff to spend less time on admin bullshit and more time on dancing and community building.  While making her way through The Tango Challenge with Stefan Fabry, Magan consolidated thousands of records housed across multiple databases, unifying 10 years of Oxygen data representing more than 42,000 event attendances, and found a strong budget-conscious CRM which automated many of O2's most time-consuming admin processes.  She is honored to be in the company of the great and seasoned dancers on the O2 staff and practices daily in hopes that she too might one day become a tango ninja; in the meantime, she very much enjoys bringing a beginning dancer's perspective to tango organizing.  

An artist at heart, Magan is an Equity stage actress who works in classical theater across the country, recently finished production on a trilogy of award-winning comedic short films, and is in a new love-hate relationship with the violin.