Mitra Martin

Mitra has spent over a decade developing and refining her approach to tango teaching and learning. She has taught over 2500 beginner classes and introduced many thousands of people to tango since she discovered tango at La Viruta in Buenos Aires and learned to dance in New York over 19 years ago. Her approach to tango has been influenced by Daniel Trenner, Brigitta Winkler, Gustavo Naveira, and Jaimes Friedgen. 

With Stefan Fabry she co-founded Oxygen Tango School of Los Angeles, where she co-created the Tango Challenge program. With David Lampson she created the Tango Lexicon, a notation system for tango. Mitra is the creator of the Whole Embrace Project which provides technical rubrics for tango learning and the writer of Separate Bedrooms: A Book About Tango. She is developing the Tango Hatchery to provide resources for tango communities supporting peer-to-peer learning through learning labs.

Mitra has taught and performed tango all over the country as well as in Germany and Argentina and is a leader, follower, and DJ. Her credits include inventive, inspired and exploratory events such as the San Francisco Tango Exchange, Tango de los Muertos (Boston), the Tango Teacher Co-Op (Minneapolis), the San Francisco Tango Marathon, the Heartland Tango Festival, the Baltimore Tango Solstice, Stone Soup Tangotopia, CONNECT, and many others. She has also been an invited DJ for major festivals and marathons across the country. 

Mitra has facilitated tango for Caltech, Google, the Princeton Club of Southern California, the Ford Theater, and other innovative community-centric organizations. She is a graduate of Princeton University.