Salon Training Camp with Johnny and Fabiola

Want to study alongside experienced salon competitive dancers? This is a great opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at how tango salon competitors prepare for competition, how they train, what drills and techniques they use, and the methods they use to improve in the fastest time possible. 

If you like Johnny and Fabiola's classes, you'll love this material: really cool intense stuff that's fun and challenging and a lot of drills you probably haven't seen before.


- Over 8 weeks you (and your partner) receive:
- 15 mins private with Johnny & Fabiola during every Thursday practica (2 hours total)**
- 1 hour semi-private group meeting (with all other Salon Training Campers) during the Thursday learning labs (8 hours total)
- weekly video review - you may submit one practice video each week to Johnny & Fabiola for review
- See below for a detailed syllabus.

**note: for the first 3 weeks only, the group meeting and private lessons will happen Sunday practica instead of Thursdays (starting Jan. 14th)

- a dedicated partner.  If you don't have a partner, we'll do our best to help you find one.
- an open-mind and curiosity to learn
- desire to perform or compete NOT NOT NECESSARY
- be available to perform at Oxygen Thursday practica on March 1, if you want to perform with the group.

What you will learn:
- Elegant posture, embrace, and lines.
- Embracing for comfort as well as dynamic movements.
- Establish a powerful walk with your partner.
- Classic salon moves and how to create your own figures.
- Musical phrasing and embellishment timing.
- Subtle embellishments and styling tips for leaders and followers.
- Exposure to various sub-styles within the salon style

- in-depth look into Johnny & Fabiola’s personal training methods
- all salon challengers will get a special registration discount if they want to compete at SCTC
- improve rapidly in a short amount of time



Dates: 8 Thursdays, Jan 11-March 1 **

$200/dancer for 8 weeks, $175 with 02 monthly pass.

Trial offer: You can attend the first mini-group class for free at 7pm Sunday 1/14, and then decide if you want to continue. 

Write with any questions, or for help finding a partner.

**for the first 3 weeks only, the group meeting and private lessons will happen Sunday practica (starting 1/14) instead of Thursday.

Un-finalized syllabus:

Each week: 
- specific salon training topic during the practica
- 15min private to help improve each couple’s unique qualities (in relation to the weekly topics)
- drills and homework to practice during the practica as well as when at home.
- Will be sent videos of different salon couples and how they embrace differently.
- it’s not required for you to take our Thursday 7pm class, although it wouldn’t hurt

WEEK 1 - The Embrace - Magic from the first touch.
- helping each couple find their most comfortable embrace that still allows them to move.
- homework - super hard step-by-step walking drill and close-embrace 3-zone movement drill. 

WEEK 2 - Side-Step Open & Classic Cross System Exits
- opening with a clean powerful side-step and styling your way to the first cross
- homework - drills for side-step and cross-system holds

WEEK 3 - Rhythmic Outside Walk & Embellishments
- establishing the first rhythmic cadence and opportunity for follower’s embellishment
- homework - different outside walking cadences for leaders and embellishments for followers

WEEK 4 - Smooth Ochos & Half-time Leads
- maintaining strength and intensity while moving slowly
- homework - using the slow-press dynamic for leaders, and slow but powerful pivots for followers

WEEK 5 - Right Turns and “Intimate turns”
- staying in perfect sync and also close to each other throughout multiple turns
- homework - various turning drills and key details to be aware of while turning.

WEEK 6 -  Enrosques & Pasadas… and the Follower’s Takeover
- getting in and out of a classic tango move
- homework - many different enrosque drills for leaders, and pasada-styling drills for followers

WEEK 7 - Sacadas, Basic Structure and Classic Figures
- basic rules and figures for sacadas
- homework - studying 3 different sacada turns and becoming absolutely comfortable with them

WEEK 8 - Musicality and Showmanship
- how to count your music to each orquestra differently and pausing in different ways
- homework - practice hearing the music in a way that gives you time and space instead of rushing your movements.