Stefan Fabry

Stefan Fabry is the co-founder of Oxygen Tango and co-creator of the Tango Challenge. He is also the creator of Tango Torture classes and known for his methodical and precise approach to tango technique. 

In 2003 Stefan discovered Argentine Tango when he saw it danced on the streets of LA. Since then, Stefan has taught Tango with Mitra Martin locally in LA and nationally at events such as the Houston Tango Festival, the San Diego Tango Festival, the Salt Lake Tango Festival, Stone Soup, the Baltimore Tango Solstice and Kansas City’s Spring Fling, Tango de los Muertos, Portland Tango Festival, and the Heartland Tango Festival. 

Stefan Fabry is also a critically acclaimed modern/contemporary dancer and has presented original choreographic work at many prestigious Los Angeles performance venues. Stefan is a healer and practitioner of plant spirit medicine, and facilitates sacred ceremony in Los Angeles.