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Learn in a Welcoming, Encouraging Environment

Whether you have "two-left feet" or are an experienced dancer in another discipline, at Oxygen you can grow at exactly the pace you want. And, dancers of all levels will cheer you on and help you out!


Friendly Social Learning Environment in Tango Classes at Oxygen Tango Los AngelesMake new friends while having fun

Tango is a global movement, and Los Angeles has a super active, exciting Tango community filled with smart, interesting, creative, and okay slightly introverted people. Many great friendships started in an Oxygen Tango class, where it's fun and easy to connect.


Reach your physical and creative best in your tango dancing

Challenge your body and your mind

They say Tango's the most demanding social dance, both intellectually and physically. And Tango can range from being gentle, tender, and physically easy, to super technically challenging! Classes at Oxygen are tailored to be the right kind of hard for each dancer every time.


Words from the Program Director, Mitra! 


Our vast beginner class schedule makes it easy to fit Tango into your life - come by once a week or create a total immersion, Buenos Aires-style experience right here in Los Angeles.   

 Tango Class Schedule at Oxygen Tango in Los Angeles


Instead of just taking classes forever, at Oxygen you have the choice to set stretch goals and see how much you improve in a short time. Look what these dancers have accomplished in just 12 weeks through the Oxygen Tango Challenge!   



At Oxygen the teaching is coordinated across classes, and our staff teachers are not only inspiring, nationally known dancers but also incredibly dedicated, caring teachers.

Mitra Martin Tango Teacher At Oxygen Tango Stefan Fabry Tango Teacher At Oxygen Tango Fabienne Bongard Tango Teacher At Oxygen Tango Sharna Fabiano Tango Teacher At Oxygen Tango Isaac Oboka Tango Teacher At Oxygen Tango
Mitra Martin Stefan Fabry Fabienne Bongard Sharna Fabiano Isaac Oboka David Lampson


...But don't take our word for it! You can read what our students say unfiltered all over the internet! Here are a few words from dancers who spend time at Oxygen.

Oxygen Tango Student Review Diane Yoon“I love that the classes are so well structured, and the classes in a series build upon each other. I have found that in other dance classes, there is often a complete lack of a thought-out syllabus -- the material in class ends up being whatever the teacher feels like teaching on any given day. At Oxygen, it is obvious that there has been a lot of thought put into the structure of the series as well as the individual classes. If we're comparing tango to a language, they make sure to teach you vocabulary, grammar, and accent, not just a bunch of useful phrases.” - Diane Yoon

Oxygen Tango Student Review Jeff White

“Friendly atmosphere. Thoughtful, empathetic and well informed teachers, with an actual teaching methodology (as opposed to just winging it).” - Jeff White 

Oxygen Tango Student Review Jo Nugyen“The classes and the people who come are alike. Fun, friendly and open-minded.” - Jo Nguyen


Oxygen Tango Student Review Derek Tang“The environment is welcoming and encouraging. You will learn the essential fundamentals for becoming an adept Tango social dancer. The classes are fun and full of energy...I can proudly say that I am a Tango addict and it is all thanks to the supportive community at Oxygen. They helped me discover my passion and continue to help me excel not only as a Tango dancer but as a Tango dj as well.” - Derek Tang

Oxygen Tango Student Review Diana Crispi"The subject is introduced, danced and broken down into workable pieces. You are thorough and attentive to individual dancers. You are very supportive and encouraging. I like the attention to detail and technique, which really makes a difference in executing the steps and the dance. - Diana Crispi 





Tango dancers are infiltrating everywhere these days! Hey, maybe that person in line next to you at the cafe is a dancer too! Meet a few members of the Tango community and learn what Tango brings them.

Hi, My Name is Shane, Educator, And I'm a Tango Dancer

by holly darling

Shane Crosby is an educator, writer, and longtime social dancer who stumbled onto Tango less than a year ago. More than anything, his recent love affair with traditional Tango music surprised him, as he finds himself bobbing his head to Biagi and the bandoneon, rather than the R&B, hip hop, and salsa he grew up with as a dancer. Besides illuminating the surprisingly rocking beats from the 1930s, Tango has taught him to overcome feelings of self-doubt and have faith in his own learning process. You can find him practically living at Oxygen Tango, where he volunteers, cleans floors, and dances almost every night of the week.

What drew you to Tango initially?

I’ve been dancing for a while, social dancing since tenth grade. I’d seen Tango mostly on television, but never live.

It was something about the intensity between the two people dancing, the seriousness. I’ve always been curious about tango.

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Hi, My Name is Vita, Computational Linguist, And I'm a Tango Dancer

by holly darling

Vita Markman is a passionate Tango dancer, integral Tango community member, badass leader, completely present follower, and a computational linguist to boot. In this inspiring interview, she draws parallels between language and Tango, tells the story of her first dance class in Russia, and explains why she so ardently supports Oxygen Tango, which she calls her “spiritual home.” Wow.


What drew you to Tango initially?

It was the performance by Tango Mujer, which included Fabienne and Sharna. I saw the performance, and I thought: this is something I must do. It wasn’t just another “couple’s dance”; it was these women dancing together, and it was so beautiful. There were several pieces that really stood out. One was a dance where Valeria and Sharna were the two key performers. Sharna was doing the man’s part, in a suit; they were doing both gender roles as two women, and one of the things that struck me was how unusual it was, and it wasn’t your standard, banal man-woman dance. The second thing that struck me was how Tango has incredible similarity to language.


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Hi, My Name is Gary, Investor, And I'm a Tango Dancer 

by holly darling

Gary Love considers himself to be a really, really bad Tango dancer. But Gary is proud of this level of dancing, which he considers an indication of his progress in a mere seven months of learning this dance. He says Tango surprised him by how simple it looked from the outside, and how difficult it can be in reality. His drive to improve led him to host the popular Practica of Love, and he sees himself dancing Tango still when he’s 180 years old. Gary’s experiences in other forms of dance and martial arts have given him a vision for where persistence will lead, and inspire him to “stick it out and get what you want.”

What drew you to Tango initially, and how did you find Oxygen?

I was looking for something different. I was dancing salsa and mambo for 12 years, and I just got tired of that crowd. I always wanted to dance Tango, and then I found Oxygen, and that was it.

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Hi, My Name is Alice, Software Engineer, And I'm a Tango Dancer

by Holly Darling

Alice Wang is the joyful spirit and digital wunderkind working behind the scenes to create all the online goodness at Oxygen Tango. Known for her playful and spirited presence, Alice says that Tango has taught her about self-forgiveness and the wisdom behind the analogy of maintaining one’s own axis. After a long day of coding and linear thinking, she relishes the mystique and various personas we try on as dancers. Alice loves the constant striving of Tango and meeting people from all walks of life, so look out for her customized cabeceo just for you!

What drew you to Tango initially, and how did you discover Oxygen?

Mary Fu! I met her at a wine-tasting party of a mutual friend of my ex and her ex. We found out they were taking tango classes and everybody wanted them to dance for us. They danced around the living room, wearing socks on carpeted floor and with the coffee table still there. It was magical. I remember thinking that, to them the rest of us must have just faded away. It was beautiful and tender yet had so much strength and rigor. I knew I had to do this! Later on, when I started Tango, I re-met her, and we became instant friends.

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Hi, My Name is Alex, Regional Director for an Investment Company, And I'm a Tango Dancer

by Holly Darling

Alex Bartos’ dedication to the study of Tango stems from his admiration of the art of persistence. Like the myth of Sisyphus, Tango has taught him the beauty of an elusive pursuit, and how that pursuit will stave off complacency. Alex says that the intensive programs at Oxygen have helped him stick with it and find consistent improvement. And through his dedication to this art, he has found connections of shamanic quality and deep friendships.

What drew you to Tango initially?

I had signed up for a salsa class, and there was a Tango class right after it, so at the suggestion of a friend’s parents who danced Tango, I signed up for that one, too. So partially it was just convenience. I didn’t see anything particularly special in Tango; I committed six weeks to it. It’s really difficult to recall anything about Tango that spoke to me initially. I’m not sure what drew me in. I remember thinking it was hard, but things that are difficult usually have a payoff. And I saw in other dancers what I really wanted to do, so I kept at it.

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