12-week immersion for beginners, starts Wed Jan 9


Intro class and information session Wednesday Dec 19th at 8pm. Register here or at the door.


Are you right for the Tango Challenge?

  • You’ve always wanted to try tango, and when you try something new you like to dive into the deep end right away.

  • Or maybe you’ve taken a few tango classes, you love it, and you’re ready to get a little more serious.

    Either way, the best way to become fluent in a new language is total immersion. This 12-week course provides an intensive, rigorous introduction into social tango dancing, with a structured curriculum, plenty of class and practice time, a complete network of dancing partners, and lots of support along the way. You’ll come out the other side a complete dancer, comfortable in all social tango situations, and ready to enjoy this beautiful, complex, rewarding dance for the rest of your life.


The history

This will be the 28th Tango Challenge class. Over the last ten years, we have trained hundreds of tango dancers. Challenge graduates have gone on to become world-class dancers, teachers, and nationally-renowned DJs. When you join the Challenge, you will join this community, too.

The immersion

The Challenge requires a minimum commitment of two days a week, but we’re open every day, so how deep you go is really up to you. Whether you want to check out a new teacher, or just practice for an hour after dinner, you’ll have a ton of options, with three locations to choose from.

The personal attention

Twice a month you’ll have a 15-min private lesson with an Oxygen teacher. You’ll also be paired with a Challenge graduate with years of experience. You’ll meet together twice a month to practice together and learn the ropes.

The friends

You won’t be doing this alone. You’ll go through the Challenge with a class of 6-12 dancers who are also tackling tango for the first time. You go to classes together, practice together, and go out to your first underground tango clubs together. The program also includes a special weekly class, exclusive to the Challenge, where we’ll digest that last week’s adventure, and preview what’s coming next.

The performance

The program culminates in a performance at the Graduation Ball, where you’ll show off your skills to your friends, and Challenge alumni.

The secret language

Tango is a secret language, spoken all over the world. How to ask for a dance, how to end a dance, how to lead that cool turn — they all have their own secret code, known only to tango dancers. After these three months of immersion you’ll be able to go to any tango event, anywhere in the world, and join in right away, because you’ll know this secret language too.

Never tried tango before? We’ll have an intro class and information session Wednesday Dec 19th at 8pm. Register here or at the door.


Challenge tuition is 3 monthly payments of $195, charged before each month of the program. This includes:

  • 3-month membership to Oxygen Tango ($100 value), offering tango classes, practices, and social events every single day, with locations in Inglewood, Venice, and Torrance.

  • A weekly meeting with your Tango Challenge class, Wednesdays at 8pm starting Jan 9.

  • Field trips to tango socials, underground clubs, and special workshops.

  • Two private lessons a month with an Oxygen teacher, with the option to add more if you want.

  • Two practice sessions a month with a your Challenge buddy, a more experienced tango dancer.

  • A final performance at the end of the challenge.

Register below.


Tango Challenge Registration

You will be charged $195 now for your first month to hold your spot. This is a non-refundable payment. Your second and third payments will occur on February 6th and March 6th.

The Tango Challenge meets Wednesdays at 8pm, starting Jan 9, for three months. You will also be required to attend one additional weekly class, on whichever day is most convenient for you. The total commitment is 4-7 hours a week, including weekly classes, practice time, and private lessons.

If you have any questions about the challenge, or if you are interested in the challenge but cannot attend the Wednesday meeting, please contact us.

By purchasing a challenge membership, you agree to abide by Oxygen Tango's community terms & conditions.