Are you ready? The Tango Challenge is an exciting commitment and you'll get the most out of it if you're aware of what's in store.  

I understand that I'm signing up for a course and will be encouraged to participate as follows, around 4-7 hours/week:  

  • Weekly 1-hour team lab (to be scheduled at a time that works for all), 15 minute mini lesson, online journal, O2 class/lab and practica. In addition, there are two field trips and a final recital (to be scheduled at a time that works for all)
  • The course begins on the published date or when there is a minimum cohort of 8. It is carried out in minimum 12 weeks and maximum 16 weeks depending on schedule conflicts/holidays 
  • I'll be learning both roles, working with same-gender and opposite gender partners, peer-learning and -teaching, and also exploring content made available on the internet.
  • Expenses related to the course include recommended books, music, milonga entries, dance shoes and equipment

If circumstances don't allow you to complete the course, you can remove myself from the course and discontinue tuition payments. Past tuition payments are not refundable. 

Tango Challenge Registration

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