Do you think you can't lead? A letter from Anna to tangueras

Dear ladies,

As a beginning dancer, I actually believed that I couldn't lead, and that I'd never be able to.  When my teacher, Daniel Trenner, heard this, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "You poor thing.. what have they done to you?"  After a week of his classes, I was leading, and it became my goal to reassure all women that they can do anything they put their minds to.  It seems silly now that I doubted myself so sincerely, but I know how easy it was to put myself in a "follow only box" in classes and milongas.

The Badass Leaders Club is the perfect manifestation of what I believe to be the best way for women to have the most satisfying tango experience.  Personally, I am most satisfied at the end of a night of tango if I have both followed and lead, at least a little.  If I'm tired or my feet hurt from heels, it's a perfect time to transition to leading.  I get to keep on dancing, in flat shoes, and create an experience for another person to enjoy themselves in the follower's role (and do the more physically exhausting part). 

As a fourth wave feminist, I have no problem saying that the leader's role is the man's role; it was designed to be done by a man. That being said, when I lead, I think of myself as a man, I can behave and think like a man, and thus be a better leader.  This club isn't for girly leaders.  It's for women to become good leaders.  My goal is for followers at a milonga to long to be on your dance card.. because YOU, are a badass leader. 

The official BLC gold and black sweatshirt will be a marker of a woman who can lead well at a milonga. If you're wearing it, it will signal to everyone that you're a leader to be reckoned with. And if you have the balls to put on this sweatshirt, you are just like any other man in the room. 


Your Captain,

Anna León


Anna León

Anna took her first tango lesson in in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA, just before graduating from the University of Missouri - Columbia. After her second visit to Buenos Aires, she decided to defer her career in Architecture and Design for her new found love of teaching tango. She began by organizing a now happening tango community in Columbia, Missouri (CoMo Tango). Anna then moved to Northampton, MA to apprentice with Daniel Trenner for over a year. The following summer she started her tango teaching tour in the US before moving to Buenos Aires. Anna led the Badass Leaders Club at Oxygen Tango in spring 2015.