A Truly Superlative Activity for Dissolving Your Stress in LA: Argentine Tango

We, the people of LA. We are powerful. We are creative. We are driving and parking and social networking. We are...stressed. A little bit. Maybe. But, hey, we're managing it. 

I have learned some things about the stress of us people of Los Angeles.

  1. Most Angelenos are more stressed than they want to be, BUT
  2. We have two favorite stress management techniques: Listening to music, and exercise or walking
  3. But, we mostly do not manage our stress as effectively as we wish we did. Sadface. Source: American Psychological Association
Oxygen Tango 30762.jpg

Ah, if only we could do more listening to music, and walking, how stress-free we would be. Wait a second, what's that? Listening to music and walking? Why, that sounds like...wait for it...Argentine Tango!

What’s cool is that Tango even throws in for good measure an extra helping of hugs, which are also highly stress relieving!

How Tango Reduces Stress.

  1. Hugs. We Need Hugs! I won’t bore you with all the scientific oxytocin neuropeptide business, you can look it up. Hugs are healthy. And where else are 3-minute-long hugs socially acceptable? Look no farther than your local Tango community!
  2. Walking, Lots of Walking. Again, the health benefits of just plain walking have been pretty convincingly demonstrated by modern medicine. Walking is low impact, relaxing, connecting, rhythmic. And how much nicer that in Tango you can walk all those miles - in circles, while embracing a friend?
  3. Awesome Music. Tango music is heralded as the new world music. Blending together elements of European classical music and African tribal music in a completely unique flavor, it is powerful yet soothing, driving yet intricate, passionate yet still. There’s nothing like it. Come immerse yourself in a truly mood-altering music.

So that’s it, and I feel I would be remiss if I did not encourage you to check out your local Tango community today. There's Tango all over freakin' LA - find a beginner class, maybe here at Oxygen Tango! Do it for your health. If you’re happier and a little less stressed, your and everyone’s day might become a little sunnier. Happyface. Love, Oxygen