Questions to power the grand beautiful experiment of community

Today as I make my first keystrokes in this new year, I am envisioning a world of gentle thoughts and a deeper curiosity. 

Here are the questions that keep returning to my mind, as I participate with all of my heart in this grand beautiful experiment of community: How much more honesty can we find in our interactions with each other? How many fewer assumptions can we make about other people? How many confusing situations can we engage directly and learn from...instead of avoiding? How much more curious about each other can we become?

I know how tempting it is to talk about people instead of to them, to complain and assume instead of digging deeper to understand. But in the weeks of this past month I have also discovered again and even more vividly this time how many gifts we gain when we look directly into each other's eyes to find, again and again, the connection that is always there. 

I wish for each and all of us a year of the kind of growth that emerges from fearless honesty. Love, Mitra