How we tackled our fears of performing, of being judged



This year, Stefan and I made a decision to conquer our Tango fears - fears of performing, of being judged. We chose the Argentine Tango USA Championship as the perfect project to push us to learn.

Preparing for this experience helped us to better understand the nature and complexities of fear and in fact to tune into the love that is always there deeper than all of it.

It was in fact a hugely joyful experience and I'm very grateful to Stefan and our many wonderful teachers, helpers, guides, friends, and family. We participated in the finals alongside new and old friends and it was exciting to discover that it's possible to dance freely and happily in such a charged setting !!

So happy to always be learning in Tango and so glad to share in this loving community that prizes connection above all.


Mitra Martin

Mitra Martin is Program Director at the Oxygen Tango where her focus is developing an interconnected community learning experience, and facilitating conversation around excellence in Tango as a portal to personal and social transformation.