You only get one wedding dance.

Show them something.

Blow everybody’s mind with a beautiful, sensual, connected tango dance. Nothing can show off the connection between two people quite like tango can. Whether learn a choreography, or learn how to improvise your tango on the spot, we’ll make sure your wedding dance is special, and a moment you’ll never forget. Along the way, you’ll learn an intimate, fun, rewarding dance that you’ll get to enjoy together for the rest of your lives.


Basic: $1000 for 10 private lessons.

Our most popular wedding dance package. With a little practice, ten weeks is enough time to build a great choreography, or learn basic improvisation skills.

Deluxe $1850 for 20 private lessons.

If you really want to show off, learn flashier moves, and get a deeper understanding of tango.

Single lesson: $120

An intro class, if you want to get a feel for tango.

To book a wedding package, email us at, or call 310-737-8438