How To Fix Your Practice Partner...In Seconds !

Problem Partner ? Try...Oxygen Tango Practice Partner Fix-It Spray !

100% Pure Organic Fresh-Farmed OXYGEN (air), sustainably harvested locally by the Oxygen Tango School of LA

Spray liberally all over your partner for immediate repair of: technical problems; internal stress; frowning; negative Tango self-image; sullen Tango mood; verbal barbs; desperate hopelessness; rhythmic malaise; fear and wanting. 90% effective in eradicating allergic syncopation. #1 Tango Doctor Recommended way to treat the  common cold connection.

Active Ingredient: Quiet hilarity, .017%. No CFCs. Brand New Pump Bottle. 1/3 more FREE !

Handy imaginary pump bottle deisgned by Partner Fixing Specialist Yukiko Sato.

In rare case of malfunction, try this.