How To Fix Your Practice Partner...In Seconds !

Problem Partner ? Try...Oxygen Tango Practice Partner Fix-It Spray !

100% Pure Organic Fresh-Farmed OXYGEN (air), sustainably harvested locally by the Oxygen Tango School of LA

Spray liberally all over your partner for immediate repair of: technical problems; internal stress; frowning; negative Tango self-image; sullen Tango mood; verbal barbs; desperate hopelessness; rhythmic malaise; fear and wanting. 90% effective in eradicating allergic syncopation. #1 Tango Doctor Recommended way to treat the  common cold connection.

Active Ingredient: Quiet hilarity, .017%. No CFCs. Brand New Pump Bottle. 1/3 more FREE !

Handy imaginary pump bottle deisgned by Partner Fixing Specialist Yukiko Sato.

In rare case of malfunction, try this.

What happens when you embrace someone in Tango?


Did you know that when you embrace someone in Tango, you leave colorful five dimensional light-trails all over their bodies that keep them happy all day long ? Check it out, we got these t-shirts made out of special-order five-dimensional filament film in order to see the REAL truth of the abrazo. Herewith, our results: NOTE, this happened after one heady west coast supertanda including Tanturi-Campos, followed by valses, then Troilo Instrumentals, and of course Laurenz-Podestá. Cross-dimensional light transfer achieved by Yukiko Sato.

Want to bring some of that light-happiness into your life? Well, try tango for goodness sakes!